Bread Baking Reimagined

Our NEW bread mix kits SIMPLIFY the bread baking process by providing you with a unique and REUSABLE mixing and proofing container we call the PrepPalâ„¢, 3 pre-measured bread mixes, and 3 yeast packets.

Just shake and proof in your PrepPalâ„¢ and about 2 hours later you are ready to bake incredibly tasty HOME-BAKED BREAD to share with those you love!

After you use the bread mix that comes with the PrepPalâ„¢, we have NEW flavors of single pack bread mixes and a convenient 4 pack of Rustic White bread mix and yeast packets to keep you shaking, proofing and baking!

It's bread baking season!

Simple Instructions

To bake a simply delicious loaf of bread, watch the videos below or click: Print Recipe

Featured Recipes

Flavorful Focaccia Masterpiece

You don't get this everyday!

Can't get enough - Cinnamon Caramel Rolls

Say hello to indulgent cinnamon rolls made easier!

These Little Buns are Fun

Home-baked dinner rolls always taste better.


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